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PREM :Peoples Respect and Empower Mission : A group of people and ngo's providing services in their capacity ..... under the mentoring of hon.Pratibhtai Patil (Ex.President)

Vision and Overview

On identifying the various aspects of life that are affecting the upliftment and social empowerment, this PREM programme is designed to focus mainly individual health, de-addiction, eradication of social elements creating negativity in society, educating individuals, creating entrepreneurs to earn their livelihood.

The framework is based on the recognition that individual’s equal and full participation in all aspects of life, essential to the achievement of all major development objects – good health, democracy, human rights, nutrition, education, professional, entrepreneurial trainings, sustainable development, poverty eradication, etc. will give greater recognition to their specific needs for generating income, educational & training opportunities, technologies and other means to ease the burden and increase the productivity of work and standard of living.

Creating awareness to enhance their participation through projects and programmes that can systematically bring every individual’s life into the mainstream of further social upliftment and development activities and there after national life.

Road Map to conduct these activities:

Invite active participation from various Government and non Government organisations, Municipal Corporations, Hospitals, Doctors, Social Workers, Corporators, Mentors, Trainers, Fund Raisers and all those organisations who can contribute their services or funds to make this programme successful.

PREM- Peoples Respect Empowerment Mission
University Road
Pune, Maharashtra  411016, India

Contact Name: kirti Gill
Contact Email: kirtigill@gmail.com
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PREM- Peoples Respect Empowerment Mission

PREM- Peoples Respect Empowerment Mission

Pune, Maharashtra, India

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