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Having described the basic solution components that go into the  making of  Smart City Solutions (you may refer to the articles : What it takes to be a Smart City – Part 1What it takes to be a Smart City – Part 2), let me get started with solutions around smart water for a city.  And yes, I will be relating back to the solution blocks explained in the previous articles as I go through them.

The solutions around Smart Water would be around making better use of the existing water resources a city has at its disposal so that it can  maximize its reach to the citizens of a city.

The first solution that I’m going to explain is around ‘visibility of water flow’ through the water pipeline network.

This solution would enable city operators to know the amount of water flowing through water pipelines in a city at a given point of time. This is achieved by fixing flow meters along the  pipeline.

Flow meters are sensors that measure the flow of water in a pipeline. They transmit their readings to the central server through various communication modes, which could be any one or a combination of radio and wireless protocols.

The diagram below shows a GIS map overlaid with a water pipe network. (This image is an illustrative example)

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