Siemens develops radar system to ease city parking woes

Posted by Vaishali Deshmukh on Smart Cities Network Site on 03/12/2015



It’s a frustration that anybody who has driven in even a moderately sized city knows: the pain of trying to find a place to park. But it’s not just a frustration for the person trying to park; it’s also a significant cause of traffic congestion.

Council Associate Partner Siemens is working on a comprehensive solution that will use sensors to help drivers park their cars quickly, while helping cities make sure people aren’t creating obstacles and hazards by parking where they shouldn’t. Tests are already underway on a small scale; a bigger pilot projects will begin later this year.

The hunt for parking is a serious drain
When we think of the frustration of parking, we tend to think only of the driver who’s trying to park. But it turns out it leads to a significant frustration for everyone else on the road too.

Drivers who can’t find a parking spot on their desired block tend to circle that block – and perhaps a neighboring one – over and over and over until a parking space opens up. In some cities, nearly a third of the people on the road are actually just trying to get off of it.

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