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Posted by Vijaya Paul on Site on 12/28/2014

Dear Distinguished and loving Brother Keith Zendler, I am very Happy to  submit our Christmas Eve celebration Photos of our School and Home children along with our Church members for your kind information that your Good selves might send our hearty Christmas wishes and greetings to all your blessed Church members and specially to your charitable friends. As we heard from you in regard of your blessed Visit to India to visit us all, we are all continuously praying to God in His presence for your safest journey and He would send His Angels to protect you and bring you into our Midst so safely in our Lord Jesus Christ Name. We do hope and believe that our sincere long prayers  would reach to God the wonderful Almighty will Miracles among us all and through out India through your blessed and generous and distinctive visit so that you as the true Servant of the Lord would have been many things in your kind and charitable heart and to established His Abundant love and mercy in our poor hearts that you might deliver from our distressed and poverty lines that in which we were living since from the last some years we are all really remain grateful to God and to you in the wonderful name of since He has moved your kind and charitable hearts to show His will in the form you through your kind and amazing India visit to us all.  I am pleasant to ask about the welfare of your blessed Parents I do hope that they both are feeling well and to be a great blessing to you and to all of us too in the name of Jesus Christ daily praying for your blessed Parents Good health and for their blessed long Lives including your blessed activities. May our Lord God be with you and guide you in all your ways and in all your Doings. Thanking you very much.


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Vijaya Paul

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