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Posted by Vijaya Paul on Site on 01/24/2015

since from the beginning my parets called and chosen by the Lord God they both have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ to proclaim his word continually in the village and in the surrouding areas for the last some years and winning some perishing soul unto Him from the area for His wonderful Kindom sake that which commanded us like as His disciples and of His Servants so that their entire Vision is to reach His Living word of the Lord at every home of the areas since establised congrigations and charitable works for the children. Now we as their children  entered in the ministry and doing the Lord's work in the area to fufill the Purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ in His plan mainly by developing the ministry work in our backward community areas.Although we have no any kind of source to do this ministry and to develop the same we depend upon God fully and in His Firm faith we were running through our continuous effective prayers we spend in His Mighty presence so that God has heard our tearful prayers and brought and connected you with us so wonderfully to lead and to develop our ministry in this area in the coming future. We have had a great confidance in God the Almighty that He will surely bring you in our midst to visit our ministry with your own eyes and He would surely move your kind and charitable heart to do a great miracle among us all for his wonderful name sake. Thanking you all very much and to all the Leaders of your blessed Churches.   


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Vijaya Paul

Vijaya Paul

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